Garden Day

Merry Meet,

Yesterday was garden day for me. I collected seeds from some of my plants and pruned others. I now have a lot of fennel seeds, and I am drying a large quantity of catnip after pruning the bush.


fennel_02 catnip_01 fennel_01

I love it when I feel like I have achieved something good in my garden.

Blessed Be,



October Flowers (picture heavy)

Merry Meet,

I took some photos of flowers on the 30th of October. I love photographing nature.

flowers_01 flowers_02 flowers_03 flowers_04 flowers_05 flowers_06 flowers_07

I have created a poll because I would like some feed back on the format of  my posts. I will run it for a month. 🙂


I hope that you enjoyed the photosBlessed Be,