Southern Hemisphere Beltane

Merry Meet,

I was partly inspired to write this post after reading Let it Rain over on Australis Incognita.  The other part is just that this is my first Beltane and I am excited for it.

It had never really occurred to me to explain why I celebrate the Sabbats at different times. As I have said before in a previous post I live in the southern hemisphere. Many people probably think; “So what?”. And for a lot of people that is true, many Pagans in the southern hemisphere do celebrate the same holidays as the Pagans in the northern hemisphere. For me, I was particularly drawn to Paganism for its nature aspect. I like to feel more connected to the seasons and the changes of the world around me. For this reason I like to celebrate the opposite Sabbat, so while everyone is celebrating Halloween soon (and the rest of my more commercialized community will be too because the shops promote Halloween now) I shall be celebrating Beltane. I would feel weird having a harvest celebration after I have just finished the planting of my garden! It would just feel wrong for me. Obviously I do not hold anything against those other people who are in the southern hemisphere and would prefer to celebrate the same as the northern hemisphere, but it is just not for me.

This Beltane I want to celebrate with having a few select family and friends over, having a Maypole in the garden, and possibly a Bonfire in the evening. I will just have to think through the logistics of a fire. It will probably be a very small one, or maybe even just light a fire in the fireplace. I want to think environmentally here and a fire might not be the best thing.

How do you celebrate Beltane?
I would be really interested to find out what other people do.

Blessed Be



3 thoughts on “Southern Hemisphere Beltane

  1. Inga Leonora says:

    Aw! Chuffed much to see I’ve inspired more writing and sharing, particularly about European Craft in the Southern Hemisphere! Woot! Bonfires are probably the most difficult traditions and activities logistically for those who live and practice in more suburban and city environments. We’re taking a lot of cues from Rural traditions in Europe, but, we’re not that any more! This year for Jul, a group of us went to a public space and took advantage of BBQ’s which I blessed, and then we cooked on it and shared a meal. And it was great! Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. A small contained fire or BBQ can work just as well. It’s all about how we approach the thing. We can let tradition be a fluid thing, something that changes according to needs. Happy Beltane!

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