Southern Hemisphere Beltane

Merry Meet,

I was partly inspired to write this post after reading Let it Rain over on Australis Incognita.  The other part is just that this is my first Beltane and I am excited for it.

It had never really occurred to me to explain why I celebrate the Sabbats at different times. As I have said before in a previous post I live in the southern hemisphere. Many people probably think; “So what?”. And for a lot of people that is true, many Pagans in the southern hemisphere do celebrate the same holidays as the Pagans in the northern hemisphere. For me, I was particularly drawn to Paganism for its nature aspect. I like to feel more connected to the seasons and the changes of the world around me. For this reason I like to celebrate the opposite Sabbat, so while everyone is celebrating Halloween soon (and the rest of my more commercialized community will be too because the shops promote Halloween now) I shall be celebrating Beltane. I would feel weird having a harvest celebration after I have just finished the planting of my garden! It would just feel wrong for me. Obviously I do not hold anything against those other people who are in the southern hemisphere and would prefer to celebrate the same as the northern hemisphere, but it is just not for me.

This Beltane I want to celebrate with having a few select family and friends over, having a Maypole in the garden, and possibly a Bonfire in the evening. I will just have to think through the logistics of a fire. It will probably be a very small one, or maybe even just light a fire in the fireplace. I want to think environmentally here and a fire might not be the best thing.

How do you celebrate Beltane?
I would be really interested to find out what other people do.

Blessed Be



Life Update

Merry Meet,

I am sorry that I have been AWOL for so long. As usual my studies have been catching up to me.

But something else has happened too which is not “as usual”. The universe has sent me a darling friend. She came at just the right time too. I had to leave my previous pet at my mother’s house when I moved out and it has been really difficult for me. My significant other has also been working very hard and so he is hardly at home at all, even on the weekends. I was so sad about this and I had been visiting my mother a lot because I was so very lonely…. and then! My S.O. phoned me and at first I thought that it was a joke but it was not! He found a a stray/abandoned kitten. About four or five weeks old. Sitting in the middle of a road crying from hunger. She was covered in fleas, she had worms and she was very malnourished. So we decided to take her in. And she has been such a good companion for me.

She is sitting on my lap dozing as I type. She is now about  seven or eight weeks old now. She is going to go for her inoculations/vaccinations next week.

Here is a picture of my Darling.


I really feel like she and I were meant to be friends. Have you ever had this sort of experience before?

Blessed Be,