Happy Samhain!

Happy Samhain!

This photo does belong to me so there shouldn’t be any copy right issues.

I suppose that it could be a little early for saying Happy Samhain since it’s from this evening and it’s afternoon here…. but I shall be busy this evening obviously, and then I am super busy tomorrow.

So to everyone in the Southern hemisphere, happy Samhain. 🙂



Since I live in the Southern hemisphere the 30th of April is Samhain for me. This will be my first Samhain that I have celebrated since I started down my path. I am worried about fitting things in time wise as my life is very busy but I am also excited.

I really enjoy doing research and preparing for the sabbats. 🙂
I would be really interested to find out how other people celebrate Samhain.  

Aureliana Phile

I chose my name for this blog specifically because I feel a great affinity towards the ancient classical world. I thought that I would share with you some possible meanings.

Aureliana is the female variant of Aurelia, Latin for “golden”.

Phile is the feminine variant of Philo, from the Greek name Philon, which was derived from phileo, the verb “to love”.
Name information is from Behind the Name.